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VoidSpan Technologies, LLC is the supplier of a unique grout and sock-anchor based restoration system for existing masonry structures. We equip, train, and certify contractors to effectively use our system on a variety of applications including injection grouting, composite anchoring, deep pointing and localized rebuilding and repair.

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VoidSpan Grouts are flowable, ultra-low shrinkage materials that can be used in both injection and gravity-fed applications and are compatible with a variety of historic masonry substrates and types of assemblies. Our grouts have the lowest water demand and curing shrinkage in the industry for a non-expanding grout and our inclusion of a pozzolan all but eliminates the possibility of lime bleed.

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Restoration Mortars

VoidSpan PHLc Fine Pointing Mortar is intended for use in filling fine “butter joints” of ¼” or less width and has a fine rounded particle sand aggregate that makes it easily workable and compactable in such narrow joints. These mortars are available in a light gray and buff white color. Additional pigments can be added by the installer if desired.

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VoidSpan PHL and PHLc Mortar Binder allow masons to make their own formulations using any sand they desire. Binders are available in a light gray and buff white color. Additional pigments can be added by the installer if desired.

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VoidSpan “Extend” Vacuum Saturated Expanded Shale Aggregate has a similar specific gravity to our PHLc Grouts and can make any of our grouts into a flowable, self-consolidating “Lime Concrete” for pouring into large gravity feed grout, simply by blending the aggregate with the pre-mixed grout.

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Anchors & Ties

VoidSpan’s patented Port Anchor system is a unique application of Cintec Sock anchor technology to create a custom-designed anchor that not only ties but bonds the substrate back together by injecting grout through the anchor itself.

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Installation Tools & Equipment

VoidSpan has an entire suite of unique, VS-invented equipment. We provide everything that you need to thoroughly jet-clean, pre-dampen and fill the masonry substrate with grout in a safe and efficient manner.

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Equipment Set Up

VoidSpan will come to your job site, either remotely or in person, and work with you to help set up and optimize your anchoring and/or grout injection system to make your project a safe and efficient success.

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Training & Certification

VoidSpan will train and certify you in the safe and efficient use of our equipment and our system. Our onsite training program ensures that anyone installing our products is properly educated and prepared to utilize our system fully.

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Detailing & Delegated Design

VoidSpan will work with contractors, owners and their consultants on request, to provide expert detailing and delegated design assistance during the design process or during the creation of submittals.

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VoidSpan’s wide product range and their in-house knowledge to adapt to unique project requirements has made them an invaluable resource in masonry preservation.

Michael Mucci
Director of Masonry
Allegrone Companies

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